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In legal terms, a person who has asked for asylum in Cyprus and is waiting for a decision on that claim is called an asylum seeker. Someone who has received a positive decision on his or her asylum claim is called a refugee. There is no such term as “political refugee”.

Although some asylum seekers might enter Cyprus “illegally”, once they have applied for asylum they are no longer “illegal”. In reality, no human being can be called “illegal”. The correct terminology to use when referring to people entering or staying in a country without the appropriate documentation is undocumented. Anyone seeking protection is entitled to stay in Cyprus while awaiting a decision on his or her asylum claim.

The right to claim asylum is in international law. Governments are obliged to provide protection to people who meet the criteria for asylum. Cyprus has signed these international laws and they are part of Cypriot legislation.

For further details on the asylum process and for answers to questions such as what happens if the police arrests or detains an asylum seeker, what are one’s rights and obligations, and how different is the asylum process for unaccompanied minors, please refer to the FAQ manual below.