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URVT operates under the Humanitarian Affairs Unit of the Future Worlds Center. One of the most important beliefs of the Future Worlds Center is that by befriending and understanding people of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, the future world becomes a better place.

For more information visit the Future Worlds Center wiki website

We are collaborating with the Centre for Therapy Training and Research (KESY) in an effort to offer support to victims of torture. Our collaboration has been a reaction to the fact that at present there is no free psychological support provided by the state authorities to victims of torture.

In the last years, several projects offering such services run by NGOs have been terminated and as a result many people who were receiving psychological support have been abruptly left without any support.

KESY offers free psychological support to victims of torture referred by the Future Worlds Center team. Students completing the practicum of the Master’s in Clinical Psychology, who are in turn supervised by experienced professionals, are offering these services.

Corina Drousiotou, our senior Legal Advisor, was the national representative of Cyprus for the research project carried out by the VU Amsterdam University and the Federation of Dutch Associations for the Integration of Homosexuality, COC Netherlands. The subject of the project was “Fleeing Homophobia. Seeking Safety in Europe. Best Practices on the Legal Position of LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex) Asylum Seekers in the EU Member States”.

The project was funded by the European Refugee Fund and the Dutch Ministry of Justice. In order to gather all the necessary information, 26 asylum law experts wrote a report on the situation of LGBTI asylum seekers in their own country. Within the scope of the project, a final conference was organised in the Netherlands, as well as seven regional-national meetings in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Italy, Austria, France, Malta, and Cyprus.

The Future Worlds Center, being the national representative for Cyprus on the project, organised a national seminar-training on LGBTI asylum seekers in Cyprus, in collaboration with UNHCR Cyprus, which was attended by eligibility officers of both the status determining authorities in Cyprus, the Asylum Service, and the Refugee Reviewing Authority.

To read the final report in various languages click at the following link:

The Future Worlds Center has been a partner in a European Refugee Fund Community Actions project, for the promotion and dissemination of good practice in addressing specific needs of vulnerable groups – especially victims of torture and human rights violations.

The project was based on a transnational in-depth study and evaluation of working and treatment methods, and it run under the German Association of Psychological Centers for Refugees and Victims of Torture (BAFF).

The project was funded by the European Commission’s European Refugee Fund Community Actions 2009.